Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What's with the New Name?

The kid's most recent adventure atop Mt. Tabor.
What's with the new name?
I've wanted to change the name of 1914house for a long while. I picked it haphazardly without any vision of longevity and what that might mean for a "house blogger."  The longer I wrote, I became less interested in content relating to the house. I like including the updates we accomplish, but I like writing about other stuff as well. Besides all that, the name 1914house suggests that the blog would be about a house whose projects were period appropriate. They are not.

Did you consider any other names?
Yes. In fact, I'd been keeping a list of ideas for nearly a year. Here they are (with the reasons why I chose otherwise):

and then what (not available)
that's an idea (don't want an apostrophe in the name)
north of tabor
little did we know (not available)
three peas in a pod (not quite right)
three fish in a tree (not available)
not in print - (not available)
small house - (not available)

Is the name significant?
North of Tabor does mean something after all. It's usually a secondary, clarifying description of where we live. The street intersection we live closest to always gets a puzzled "Hmmm? Where is that?" sort of look. I'll go on to say, "Oh, it's near the grocery store just a couple blocks north of Mt. Tabor." Then all is right with the world and the unicorns can continue gorging themselves on gelato whilst getting a lower-back tattoo of a mustache.

Why a new blog?
Because I'm impatient. I didn't realize I could just change the name of 1914house until I'd already secured the new name as it's own site. I could have deleted it, but then it wouldn't be available again for 90 days. So, really. I'm just impatient. I blame it on the internet.


  1. I like the new name. It's good to have a fresh start sometimes too.

    1. Yes, a fresh start. I should have said that!

  2. I love the new name! And that is a really cool picture of your daughter.

    1. She was actually pointing at the camera. I like how it came out dark and more of a silhouette.

  3. I like the name, too. We're practically neighbors.

    1. I love our neighborhood and neighbors. We got lucky since we didn't know much about the area when we bought.