Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mini-Deck: Finished!


Ages ago, as in more than a year ago, we were having trouble deciding what this set of steps should look like. After many sketches, we did what all good homeowners who can't make a decision do: we started a different project. It was around that time that I saw Jane's back deck and walkway at Modern Jane. I really liked the simplicity of it, and it was inspiration for our much smaller project.

I don't know why the design of this mini-deck was so hard to decide on. I've always like the dichotomy... Balls, I just pulled a brain muscle with that one. I've always like the juxtaposition... What is wrong with me? When did my bag of bullshit get so big? Um, I've always liked the contrast of old and new together. There we go. Nice and simple real-people words.


I didn't even know gutters so ugly existed prior to buying this house. I've hated them since day one: November 15th, 2005. But they were (unfortunately) new, and they worked so I've done my best to ignore them.

After repairing the back hall, i.e. straightened the walls, the old gutters no longer fit. We chose a classic metal gutter that was an easy DIY for Nate. I didn't help at all except for keeping the kid out of his hair. I am amazed at how much better the new gutters look. I'm thinking we may switch over the rest of the house next spring.

Weird Slanty Black Pole

It isn't as intrusive in person as in the photos. I promise. There used to be a fence between the house and the garage, but we took it down a while ago. This post was set in concrete. The concrete was poured under the buried conduit which brings electricity to the garage. So we can't just pull it out. I'm not sure how to break up the concrete without a jackhammer. We might just cut the post off below the ground, cap it and bury it. Here's to hoping it's not still there at the end of next summer.

And for funsies, another before and after. I'm very, very happy with how the deck and gutters turned out. Next up: replacing that exterior light fixture.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Late Summer Harvest

String beans

These pictures were taken about a month ago. Since then I've had a chance to plant the winter crops of lettuce, peas, chard, beets, kale and cauliflower. Winter gardening is new for me. Fall came early to Portland with too much rain too soon. The garden seems to adapt better than I do.