Monday, June 18, 2012

Not From the Farmers Market Strawberry Scones

On my walk to the farmers market yesterday I was narrating to myself what I would write for today's post:

You may have seen me yesterday at the farmers market. I was the mom wearing black yoga pants, rocking some badass bed-head and pushing a BOB stroller while her cranky toddler insisted on walking. Oh, you didn't notice me? Because EVERYONE at the farmers market looks like that? Well, just look at the produce I bought. It is so pretty I don't even want to eat it [insert photo].

Reality check. I was just a frumpy mom with messy hair and a kid who didn't let me shop for one single thing. And the farmers market has evolved. We've been regulars since it began a few years ago, but there was a different group of shoppers this weekend. Not as many strollers as I remember and lots more fresh cool-cats who are newish to the neighborhood. My gut says "gah," but my mind says "well, this is actually a good thing."

It's a good thing because, the market is bigger than ever and some of the best vegan fare in the city is back! Yippee! No, I'm not vegan - it's just really delicious food. My mouth is watering right now. Sadly, due to previously mentioned cranky toddler, this mama did not have a chance to purchase said deliciousness. Boo.

But we did have fresh strawberries this weekend. My sister-in-law let us pick a bunch of berries from her yard. I picked a lot more than I had motivation to deal with. I'm too scared of killing someone to try jamming, and I was too lazy to get the berries into the freezer. So I gave some to our neighbors, we've been eating them with practically every meal, I made sangria and I made strawberry scones with a lemon glaze. Yum!

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