Friday, June 1, 2012

$93 Cedar Planter for Bamboo

Besides being a very physical task, this was a pretty easy project. We used premium cedar fencing rather than lumber or lower grade fencing (we've used both of those for other planters in the yard). Nate used his new, handy-dandy nail gun. And voila, a beautiful cedar planter!



Mostly removed.


Using the fill from the stair demo.

 Fill all gone.

- more of the neighboring building will be masked because the bamboo is now 30" taller
- it's nice to look at from any angle - from the yard, driveway or house
- the bamboo is contained and cannot go wild
- there's a comfortable place to put a table/bench/chairs
- we were able to use almost ALL of the fill and small concrete bits from the stair demo (we still have a small amount of gravel and lots of larger concrete pieces, but I've got plans for those)
- materials cost: $93 (not including nails)

- it's not all that removable

In renovation news, the concrete has been placed and the floor should be framed on Monday. We still need to find a door and three windows before we begin the wall framing (hopefully next weekend). We are wishy-washy on what we are willing to purchase for the door and windows. Initially I was thinking about going the less expensive route in order to splurge on the front door and windows when we get there (in about a year). I don't love the idea of having a mullet-house, but I don't think we can afford the windows we like everywhere. Concessions, concessions.


  1. You guys have been busy! I love the asymmetrical look of the new planter, definitely draws the eye.

    1. Thanks - we are happy with how it turned out!

  2. Personally, my favorite part is Jane in the bike helmet. Never can be too careful shoveling concrete :)

    1. Haha - yes. It was her idea, and it was a good one!