Monday, January 23, 2012

Dining Room Before & After

Before 2005
This is when the previous owners were still living in the house. We didn't 
care for their style even though they had a few nice pieces of furniture.

After 2006
Once we painted and arranged the room, it felt more like home. We intended 
the red to be more of a rust tone. But, we decided to get used to the vibrant shade 
because it took three coats of paint (two rolled and one brushed) to fully cover.

Before 2005
This photo was taken once we were finished unpacking. We really disliked 
the turquoise trim and light fixture. The ceiling also needed fresh paint.

After 2006
At this point we had painted, arranged furniture, replaced the furnace control, 
replaced the light switches and outlets, and replaced the light fixture. Later 
we spray painted the heat vent black and added some more wall art.

These photos will look familiar to anyone who has read a previous post titled Painted Every Room. I just wanted to formally include the dining room in the before and after gallery. We have no pressing to-do list for the dining room except maybe changing the window coverings and switching up the art on the walls.

Once I take photos for the "House Tour" you will see that things aren't so tidy these days, either. Maybe I can get to those photos this week!

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