Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bathroom Before & After

Before 2005
This is how the previous owners staged the 
bathroom. It's hard to tell, but the cabinet is purple.

After 2005
This is after we moved in. I guess at this point we had only 
changed the light switch/outlet covers and shower curtain.

Before 2006
By now we had replaced the baseboard and the toilet. 
Next up would be fresh paint and a new shower head.

After 2009
New mirror, cabinet, sink, faucet and paint.

So this is how our bathroom remains today, along with a bunch of tub toys for the kid. We hate the floor, but since it was relatively new we left it as is. Next up for the bathroom: we hope to replace the floor, tub and surround. There is also a window we can see from the outside that we may try to reincorporate depending on the budget. Unfortunately, the budget gets the last say in everything we do.

Photo from the Full Sail website.
In case you are wondering, we chose the wall 
color from the label on Full Sail's LTD 03.