Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Books 2014, I Think. Maybe 2013?

The truth is I began reading Three Cups of Tea last fall. I tried and tried and tried. I honestly gave that book too many tries. I finally quit. I hate quitting books, but I did it all the same. It was holding me back from, you know, reading.

Husband bought me a "quick read" for vacation, Panopticon. It was a quick read indeed. And it was further evidence that if I had any interest in the story of Three Cups of Tea (because that's what I kept telling myself...I'm interested in the story. I just hate the writing), then I would have read it much quicker. The truth is the cover sucked me in. It really is a beautiful cover.

The Glass Castle came up in a conversation while at an accidental mom's night out that was actually a birthday celebration. It was all mom's there and some of us had never met. I was quiet, but I listened a lot. Everyone has a story. Everyone. I always tell my neighbor she needs to write a book about her life. Well, I'm telling you now, too. Write a story about your life.

Anywho, The Glass Castle came up in conversation because a couple of the ladies had read it and a couple of the ladies have parents that can't quite get their shit together and it reminded the other ladies of the book. That might sound harsh, but I'm just re-telling a story I heard. We all can't get our shit together sometimes, but then we do and life goes on. Either way, the book is pretty good.

Then there was Ghost MapGhost Map = people drinking poopy water. That is all.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Soaking My Feet

Hi. It's been a while.

Back when I wrote and hit publish a lot, I was soaking my feet every night. The habit began because of an infection under my toenail. Eventually that toenail was removed in order to heal the infection, but I continued soaking in epsom salted water every night. It took at least 8 months for that damned nail to grow back. My dog, with claws and all, found a way to step into that mighty sore nailbed not once, but twice. My toenail in forevermore changed because of her. However, I love my dog and it's a scar worth having.

Most of my scars are worth having. They just add to my story.

I looked through some of my draft posts, and a few of them are not bad and a few are pretty darn good. I think I might hit publish once in a while again. I think I might start soaking my feet again, too.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Dear House

...happy (late) birthday to you. Happy 100th!

What do you buy a 100 year old lady who just wants a damn cigarette and a nap? Chairs and an area rug, I guess.

Salt chairs.
Bargain find at HomeGoods. And I've yet to recover the chair cushions in grey.

 We are also fully considering a face lift this year. To market, to market she may go...