Friday, July 18, 2014

My Review of T25: Part Two

It all began before I even knew that it had begun. It began when I invited positivity into my personal Facebook feed by 'liking' Michelle is Living Well. I know, I know...that sounds kind of cheesy. But it's completely true. Here's how it went...

Sunset watching.
Last Labor Day weekend we were invited, along with another family, to a friend's family vacation home in Sunriver, Oregon. We had never met the third family. Can you hear the ominous music and shrill screaming?

Since I am me, I had some nervousness and anxiety about hanging out all weekend with people I didn't know. Would they be nice? Would their kids be brats? Would my kid be a brat? Would I be the fattest one there? Would I get sweaty-nervous?

Would I be the fattest one there? What a horrible thing to wonder.

Just a few minutes after we met them I sighed an enormous breath of relief all the while thinking "Ahhh! They are normal!!" Judgy? Yeah, I be judgin'. It turns out this third family is amazing and friendly with delightful children. I'm so thankful that we met them.

Deer watching.
Chicken watching.
Homesteader watching.
People watching.
After a great holiday weekend, I decided to be a supportive new friend and 'like' Michelle's Facebook page. Other than sharing healthy recipes and fitness information, I wasn't sure what the page was all about. I soon learned that Michelle's goal is to share and spread positivity and encouragement. I assure you it is 100% authentic - it's not just a schtick to garner more 'likes.' And, it was exactly the motivation I needed.

Me? I was active and on my feet most of the day, but it wasn't enough. I felt tired all the time. I felt...old. If I felt this terrible at age 37, how would I feel at 47 or 57? It took a few months for everything to sink in, and this was my conclusion:

I like a sweaty workout. 
I like a challenging workout. 
I like to be outside. 
Exercise clears my head. 
Exercise is as important to my mental health as it is to my physical well-being. 
I like running.

Well, there. That narrows it down. I took a good look at my typical day and admitted to myself that the only realistic time I had to go running (by myself with the dog) was pre-dawn. Honestly, I was still reeling from three very bad years of sleep (thanks to having a baby/kid who wasn't a natural sleeper), and the idea of interrupting some of my early-morning sound sleep wasn't my favorite. Neither was the idea of running in the dark and most likely the rain, too. Ultimately it was the dark and rain that deterred me from running outside. So I proposed that we get a used treadmill for the basement. I felt bad that it wouldn't be fun for the dog, but I needed to do something.

Nate wasn't thrilled with the idea. He thought a gym membership would be better. Ahem. I hate the gym. Doesn't he know that? "Just make a commitment to a time and type of workout," he said believing that it was a helpful, supportive comment. Isn't that what I just did by analyzing my day and narrowing down my options to a treadmill?

Another week went by of no exercise and me feeling discouraged. Then I remembered Michelle, who is a mother of two, works full time and commits herself to exercise and being a Beachbody coach. I was a stay-at-home mother of one who didn't seem to have time to even brush my hair. I asked for help from Michelle, and I got it.

I didn't know anything about the workouts, because I was hung up on the name 'Beachbody.' I didn't want a beach body, I just wanted to lose a few pounds. Who is this Shaun T person and why should I care? Beachbody?! That's just for people who want a quick fix to get skinny and wear bikini's. Besides, do workout videos even get results?

Yes. Yes, they do. And it is in NO way a quick fix. It's months of a lot of hard work.

*See My Review of T25: Part One for my results. Part Three (coming soon) will cover my experience with the program itself.

** Also, this is not a sponsored post...I'm just sharing my experience.


  1. YOU are so amazing, Tammi! And I'm so honored that you reached out and joined in the--ahem--fun(?) of getting strong and feeling better! :) It is definitely a lot of hard work! This is an awesome post. So thrilled we met and have become friends. Looking forward to many more years of friendship to come...

    1. It has been fun and the group support makes a big difference!