Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Farm Food: Week IV

Thanks to Dancing Roots Farm for our half-share CSA pickup week four:

twelve ounces salad mix
two fennel bulbs/fronds
three large beets
bunch of scallions
head of cabbage
pound of green beans
two pounds fingerling potatoes
one summer squash
six cornflowers

Sadly, I did not store the salad mix appropriately. I had a few meals from it, then it went limp and eventually crispy. I should have shared some with our neighbors or stored it in a plastic bag. Oopsie.

I love beets. I tried some raw thin slices on greens but ended up with some thunder down under. So the rest were roasted. Did I mention that I love beets?

Fennel is new for us. I decided to caramelize one bulb by slicing it very thin. It looked sort of like fried onions. I used coconut oil rather than butter, but I wish I'd gone with the butter. Next time...

The scallions were sliced and placed in the freezer. The green beans were steamed here and there and eaten within a couple of days. A few potatoes were a side dish, some were a potato salad and the rest are awaiting their torture. The summer squash was chopped and added to a stovetop "lasagne" meal that I made up. It wasn't pretty, but it tasted good. The cornflowers were pretty but flavorless. I suppose the same could be said about many pretty things...

Lastly, I grill-roasted half the cabbage to eat with cod. Next time I'll hide some minced garlic in it's ruffles and add a squeeze of lemon, drizzle of olive oil and sprinkling of sea salt. We ate the other half of the cabbage in some fish tacos. Cabbage and fish, it's what's for dinner.


  1. It's all so beautiful! And those beets look seriously amazing.

    1. They were delicious! There weren't any in this week's pack. However, I get to try uncured garlic. Tomorrow. Pesto pizza!

  2. Lots of good (healthy) stuff going on here! I absolutely love fingerling potatoes. We had the best ever fingerling potatoes at my brother's wedding in Hawaii several years ago. I am not exactly sure how they were prepared, but they were so awesome, like melt in your mouth like butter awesome! I also love roasted beets on a salad. I have never grill-roasted cabbage before, but it looks good. I usually roast mine in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper.

    1. I had never cooked cabbage that way before either. I planned to roast it in the oven, but it was near 90 that day. To the grill I went!