Thursday, July 10, 2014

Farm Food: Week III

Let's see what we got in the third pick-up for our half share:

head of butterhead lettuce
half pound of sugar snap peas
head of broccoli
pound of beet greens
seven carrots
six garlic whistles
six sprigs of marjoram

The lettuce, maybe obviously, became salad. The peas and carrots have been quick-grab snacks. The garlic and marjoram have been tossed into everything from pizza to pan fried chicken. A few of the beet greens were wilted to top off a fried egg and veggie burger. The rest of the beet greens and broccoli went into the tofu dish below, along with a tasty ginger citrus dressing.

Ginger citrus dressed tofu with brown rice, veggies and chopped cashews.

*We bought a half-share at Dancing Roots Farm, a CSA, this summer! Check out Week II.

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