Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Farm Food: Week II

We bought a half-share at Dancing Roots Farm, a CSA, this summer! We missed the first pick up because we were on the east coast visiting family. Luckily, my sister-in-law was able to go get and use up the food we missed. Here's what was in our second pick up:

half pound of spinach
head of lettuce
pound of snap peas
head of broccoli
ten leaves of chard
pound of new potatoes
bunch of parsley
ten garlic whistles

I took a picture of everything (it was a lot of food), but it's not a pretty picture. I'll do better next time. The potatoes became potato salad to complement grilled sausages, and I made pesto with some of the garlic and spinach, along with some nuts and basil I already had on hand. I could have just eaten a bowl of pesto and been happy.

We were invited to a solstice party so I made one of my favorite recipes to take along. It used up all the chard, the rest of the spinach, some garlic and some parsley. I loosely followed this recipe for A Galette of Winter Greens. I say loosely because I've made it many times and have adjusted things along the way. I use a stickier dough so that it's not quite as crumbly, and I no longer measure the filling ingredients instead preferring to eye-it. The result is always a little different but always delicious. Honestly, this most recent making could have used a bit more salt. I was experimenting with the rosemary sea salt I got for my birthday and was worried about over salting. I under salted instead. Whoopsie.



  1. I could eat pesto every day, especially with homemade bread!

    1. As I sit here thinking about your comment, I realize that I've never actually put pesto on bread. And I don't know why!! I will do that one day soon.