Friday, August 2, 2013

I See a Rodgersia

Rodgersia podophylla, you had me at "great shade plant."

The kid and I went blueberry picking today and on the way home we stopped at Leach Botanical Garden. I don't buy things impulsively, but this plant was definitely an impulse purchase. At least it only cost me 12 noodles. It should get 5' tall and 6' wide, which is perfect because I have about 50' of fence that I don't want to see anymore.
And just so you know, this house is where the giants live. Shhh. Be very quiet, because they are sleeping.


  1. Cool plant... love the bright green! Your little girl looks adorable standing there! And I cannot believe how tall those trees are! Wow!!

    1. I think the plant will brighten up the shade garden. The trees are very tall, typical of an Oregon forest. The garden was full of native plants, it feels more like a trail in the woods than a garden.