Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Bloom Day

Thank you to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Blogger's Bloom Day each month.

The last of the snapdragons. Next year we want the velvety red color.
Cute little moth.
Planted from seed, but I forgot to keep the packet. It must be some type of mallow.
California poppies! I miss SF sometimes. These seemed to be naturalized
along the roadways in the city. Also seemingly naturalized were
cala lilies and nasturtiums. Yeah. I miss SF sometimes.
Calendula from Suzanne, who also taught me the proper pronunciation. I had
only ever seen calendula written, never spoken and I was a bit confused at first.
Now I just laugh at myself about it.
Hip hop hippity hops.
Cantaloupe blossoms. The fruit is growing in the shape of a football!
Marigold from seed. The kid keeps picking them. Chives next door.
Brand new fuschia. These blooms are teeny tiny.
We've been munching on the berries. They are weird, but the kid likes them.
All our strawberry plants were hand-me downs, so I'm happy that
we apparently received an ever-bearing variety!


  1. The California poppies are so pretty! I haven't visited SF, but plan to someday. When did you live there? And what are some of your favorites about the city?

  2. We lived there from 2002 to 2005 - Nate was in grad school. Some of the touristy stuff is fun, but I have an aversion to crowds. I liked Baker Beach, Sutro Baths, wandering Golden Gate Park and the Botanical Garden, the Marina District had a neighborhood feel that was more relaxing (though not as diverse) than other neighborhoods, the view of the city is amazing from Vista Point across the Golden Gate Bridge, and the city has much, much more to offer than what I did. It's really big, so plan on using transit or a car.