Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Feng and the Shui of It

So I've had the same book about feng shui from the library for almost a year. Autocorrect totally thinks it's fang shui, by the way. I initially skimmed the book to see if it was something I could absorb or if it was too far beyond my crazy. Kind of like a test drive. I finally read it, making notes about my house along the way. It had a pretty good questionnaire to help figure our which "houses" need the most work in your life.

It turns out that two of the houses (career and helpful friends) that need work for me fall within my living room. It's really not surprising that there is either negative energy or some sort of chi-suck in this room. Directly north is the back of a building located about 12 feet or so from the house. Across the street to the east is another large building which is painted white. On sunny afternoons there is a terrible glare which shines right into the living room.

The left photo faces north and looks upon the back of a 
neighboring building. The right photo faces east looking out 
the front of our house toward a large white wall.

I've got some ideas* on how to cut or change the negative chi from these two structures. Ideas include planting bamboo, hanging a wind chime, hanging a convex mirror-type thing and devising some sort of visual screen. I will choose only one "cure" and then give it some time. I don't want to go all nutty with the cures and end up with an even bigger problem...tackiness.

*UPDATE (even though I never published this post):
Having the curtains in the center of the front window seems to be enough of a barrier against the big white wall to the east. To the north I placed a small planter of bamboo within view of the side window and placed a convex mirror on the exterior of the house. I'm giving these things some time to work their "magic."

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